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Jeg er uddannet i London på:

The Arts Educational School of Acting

The Arts Educational School of Acting er en statsanerkendt skuespilleruddannelse i London, medlem af ”The National Board of Acting”.

Skolen giver efter 3 års intensiv træning ”The National Diploma in Professional Acting”, og  man optages derefter direkte som professionel skuespiller i Equity (og som A - medlem af Dansk Skuespillerforbund).

Skolen har dagligt ca. 11-12 timers undervisning, som bl.a kan bestå af stemmetræning, poesitimer, method, impro, dans, fægtning, acting, sang, radio, tv og film mm.

Hver eftermiddag og aften øves der på produktioner, som efter 5-6 ugers prøveforløb opføres på en af skolens teaterscener. På det afsluttende 3. år produceres der ca. 6  forestillinger, som er åbne for publikum, agenter, castere og instruktører m.m.  


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The National Diploma In Professional Acting (3 years)
The Aims of the Course
The School of Acting places value on the principle of life-long learning. In addition it places value on the dynamic relationship between performer and audience. To this end, the School aims to develop reflective, contemporary actors who are able to work effectively throughout the performance industry
  • Acquiring and developing a range of core performance skills.
  • Discovering and understanding professional performance practice.
  • Reflecting on and analysing one's own work and the work of others.
  • Working in a range of live and electronic performance contexts

What personal qualities does the course demand
A full-time vocational training as an actor challenges and tests your stamina and commitment.It is a demanding training,both physically and emotionally. The work demands that you are able to be honest with yourself and others; that you can accept criticism; and that you are able to discipline yourself in order that you may structure your time and energies so as to fully engage with your training. You must be physically and emotionally mature, enthusiastic and committed,open-minded to others and a good group member. You must be eager to enter an intensive training and actively seeking opportunities to test yourself as a performer in a broad range of contexts.

The Training
By way of developing a full understanding of the skills required for performing to a range of audiences,Year One places emphasis on the development of your body, voice and imagination. The main emphasis is on classroom work.Your work will encompass live performance, screen performance and radio performance.You will perform only to tutors and to your peers.

Year Two develops your understanding of the actor's process in a range of contexts and styles. Classroom work continues alongside rehearsal processes for small-scale classroom projects.The development of your understanding of the actor's process through rehearsals is a key aspect of this second year. In your third year of training, you will join The Acting Company. You will spend a year performing in a broad range of work.

In the third term of this final year you are joined by students of the one-year course. In addition, you are given a thorough grounding in the business aspects of your chosen profession, which prepares you for entry to the performance industry.

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Students who successfully complete the course are awarded the National Diploma in Professional Acting.In addition,as the course is fully accredited all graduates are eligible for full Equity status.